Testing and Evaluation

Intérêt du cours : This module is to raise English teachers’ awareness of the paramount importance of evaluation and testing in ELT in Senegal (class quizzes, semester tests, BFEM and Baccalauréat) on the one hand, and to convince them to acquire a positive approach to grading their students’ performances with a focus on writing, which is often perceived as a neglected skill in our educational context, on the other hand.

Présentation du cours : Theoretical approach to evaluation and testing with a view to designing progress tests, achievement tests and external examinations (BFEM and Baccalauréat). There will be a special interest in the testing of writing (review of basic assumptions about writing, correction and grading). This module is for F1A/B1 Vacataires and Professeurs Contractuels.

Teacher: Dame DIOP